On The Wings of Love

Wings Of Love~Do you ever get that knowing feeling that you are being looked after by the forces for good? It’s like no matter how difficult things may become, the forces, spirits, family and friends on the other side of this reality out there, make sure that you do not hit rock bottom, you will not fail, nothing can hurt you.

Are you with me?

As you may have read in some recent blogs of my personal experiences (I am nearing the end of this particular life book), I have been decisively thrown into a source of enlightenment, that is I have had to endure unwanted, unjustified experiences; extreme experiences sufficient enough to have forced me to wake up, and make the long overdue decision to find the door where the glow of goodness is pouring her light through and walk head held high, conscience clear, with a wry contented smile lovingly to it.

It is remarkable that no matter how much the forces for evil attempt to envelop me, they can’t. NOT ALLOWED, PROHIBITED!

Now the recent awful experience is new to me, it’s not something I could have ever predicted, however the protection against it isn’t. What is also remarkable, the forces for evil in its illogical attempt to hurt, has in turn been left with lasting residual backfired toxic material that will cling to it until such time it comes to accept that what it is doing, is futile – it only serves to damage the carrier of dread, pain, sorrow and destruction.

My late father always used to say often that no matter how tough things get… “me never worry”.. now I see why he was able to present such peace and serenity while all those around him were in disarray and losing it, he the gentle man that he was, was assured of and thankful for his blessings; just as I am today.

On The Wings of LOVE indeed!