Be Open to CHANGE

zip open your life

Many of us are resistant to change, we become accustomed to routine, the expected, the done thing. It is not surprising that those few who break free from the norm, often live a life that many of us can only dream of, and sometimes envy.

I am naturally a fearless bold guy, it has led me to be able to look back with fondness on the life I have lived thus far. I thrive on new experiences, new places, new people.

When you are open to change, change herself will always find you… people come into (and leave) your life to enable the change that will take you to the next level (if only we can decipher the hidden clues around us and make best use of their message).

Very often breaking through the cryptic message requires nothing other than listening to your silent voice, the voice, your voice, that speaks to your mind instructing you with the core ancient wisdom that you have inherited on what to do next.

I am listening to mine now… it is the voice that has instructed me to write this blog for you. It is also my openness to change that has brought fresh (extraordinary) people into my life; for a reason, to learn from or to teach, and it is my silent voice’s message that I will act on to take me to the next level – with them, because of them, or in spite of them.

I feel incredibly excited about the next minute in my life, a deep sense of something truly special is about to engulf me, spin me around, force me to look to the sky, making me laugh with joy until my belly aches… an experience I have not had for a long time.

Things are falling neatly into place… I feel the energy from my activities, and there are different vibrations emanating from everything that I do. I am learning each day how to interpret what these vibrations mean, and just how important they are.

Dear reader I feel a deep sense of love, agape love; magical emotions that create magical outcomes.

That’s all I have to say today.

Live n Love~