Someone known to me looked me in the eyes and said…

“I don’t do sorries”, no joke, words said and delivered with serious ice cold intent.

Have you noticed that some of the most powerful words in the English language only have four to five letters?

Love, Hate, Care, Hurt, Pain, Kind, Want, Will, Never, Must, Stop, FIRE, Need etc… and of course we can include the one word that can resolve so much sorrow and discord in our lives, SORRY.

It may be that if you say sorry too many times, could arguably leave you open to be taken advantage of or even bullied.

Though used appropriately and timely it is the perfect antidote for negative drama, and the perfect tool for enabling the turning of the page.. and even ‘closure’ in some extreme cases.

It is also courteous and admirable to own up when we’ve screwed up; we will and must make mistakes, we are and will remain fallible.

So saying sorry really should offer so many advantages over not doing so right? Well when selfish pride, and being ridiculously stubborn comes in to play, contrition generally chooses to hibernate.

That being said, saying sorry is truly a wonderful expression of compassion and empathy. So please use it when you really know that you should.

As for the person that claimed that they do not do sorries… I feel Karen’s quote pretty much reflects my sentiment.