Exacting revenge? Nah, not for me!

Crimes of passion are often due to an emotional drive for revenge.

Remember this… revenge is an unpleasant contorted, irrational emotion.

In order to unleash its wrath on your human target, one has to find and drag its toxic source out from a very unearthly evil place.

Being emotionally and deliberately hurt; particularly from someone once trusted and or loved, can generate that ‘get even’ reaction. But remember this, the face of that reaction is damned and ugly.

Look away, walk away and the hurting feeling will eventually go away.

Look, what goes around will sooner or later come around. So remain dignified, be respectful to yourself – doing so will surely garner even more respect and admiration from those who are real and truly care.

Do not ever reflect (the hurt), instead choose to deflect.