Everybody Loves the Sunshine!

The SUN, it is our life source, without it, we just would not have a home to call Mother Earth at all.

I love the light and warmth of the sunshine, not the heat, but the warmth; there is a difference.

I lived in Mallorca in the 90’s, and most days as you would expect, are those of wall to wall sunshine from rise to set. It makes you want to go out and stay out. It also seems to make more people more friendly; though in some cultures it also means more excessive drinking of liquor too – with some unwanted but predictable consequences. The sun also makes one a bit more sexually heightened; perhaps it’s all the bare flesh on show that does that!

I live in the UK, and the UK’s climate is mid-temperate, meaning it is unpredictable. Consequently the weather is a topic of conversation for the UK population most of the time. I appreciate the seasons and their message,  ensuring that I understand and appreciate the precious cycle of life; reminding me/us that CHANGE is ever-present, and that nothing will remain the same, not now not ever; so I had better go with the change flow thingy!

I have also travelled a fair bit, in the grand scheme of things a small part of the world yes, but enough to feel that I have seen and experienced places that most people may have not, and I am thankful to be able to look back and remember with a comforting smile what I can recall and treasure.

Sometime ago, there was show on TV of an odd couple who set out to buy a property in Barcelona, some of you in the UK may remember it, it was amusing and engaging. They landed on a place on the outskirts of the city that richly inspired me; the place had character (one of my must haves) and genuine potential, and was pretty much a blank piece of paper where the couple could create a little bit of their unique paradise in the Catalan sun. The series ended where the crazy guy left his crazy girlfriend to renovate the place on her own, as they fell out of love and with each other.

I WANT SOME OF THAT (not the relationship side of things).

It is now time for me to create an abode (I have done this before by the way) where I can feel serene, inspired and safe. A place where my nearest and dearest(s) can visit, share space and enjoy quality time, filled with music, love and laughter.

Everybody Loves the Sunshine right? Gonna make it happen!

Everybody Love the SunshinePic courtesy of themindunleashed.org