Binary Values


I remain puzzled as why some people get a perverted sense of satisfaction when they choose to take advantage of someone whose trust (not naivete) leaves them unaware and unguarded.

To do something like that to anyone; particularly if trust was the bedrock of the relationship… well it is way below the belt and should be a criminal offence – and I’m not joking!

Taking ones trust and then throw a precious birthright like that slap bang back in the face? That’s nasty, I could use more demeaning words, but…

Where does this contorted sense of satisfaction come from? Where is it born? It borders on being a psychopath doesn’t it? Zero empathy!

Trust and Integrity are binary values for me, and along with Love and Loyalty, make up the four pillars of all good, deep and lasting relationships (human or animal).

Taking advantage of anyone whatever the circumstances, is just plain wrong on every level.

Do you know someone like this? If so, make sure those you know who instinctively embrace our birthright, know who these horrible people are too!

Let’s try to protect our good people!!