Life is full of silent messages

You know I spend much of my time being a positive guy, very little gets me down or makes be think, WTH!  However over the past several months I have lived an experience neither planned nor expected or indeed appreciated.

Throughout I have tried, and for the most part succeeded in maintaining my discipline and decorum. That’s just me, it is in my genetic make up.

I have given much to many, but most to just a few; just a small number of people, ‘three’ in fact in recent years that have taken them from perhaps we can agree to call regular levels of urban living, and now to any ‘ordinary’ observer, an existence that some would regard as a luxury lifestyle.

This development did not happen over night, oh no, it started at the turn of the century and 15 years later, my efforts and influence is about to cease and not a moment too soon either.

You may guess from reading many of my blogs that I like to look at, and live life, in a balanced, just, moral, true, spiritual and philosophical way. Again this is just who I am. I like nice things and wonderful experience yes, but the bottom line for me, it is all about internal self values… living my being and not my human if you will.

So having spent much of my time distilling those same said values to those three people intimately, it seems that doing so has not only materially moved the group socially to a pretty admirable level, but at the same time, doing so has not shifted their internal being up to the same level. You see, these persons see life in a very very different way to me. In fact it is the exact polar opposite to how I would respond to someone enabling me to have an elevation in life experiences, (that’s reads conceited, but it isn’t meant to be), and moreover unwavering – arguably misplaced support (and I did not like writing the word ‘misplaced’ because it was my choice that I made, that I turned into an action), the responsibility is my own, and any support no matter how innocuous has value in my world, even if it is not appreciated by the receiver.

Let me just say that CHANGE is now welcome, and much-needed, in fact change has prodded me in my lower ribs painfully for a long time. I have looked the other way too often to the same view each time and it really is time that I smell and get the message from that sulphur fume that has been continually drifting towards me and has for too long engulfed me with all its pungent toxicity.

It’s a wonderful feeling to feel liberated, and the view ahead now smells of pale pink roses, let me inhale..hmm. aah!