Friend or foe!

The truth is most people are good people. I know I am, and I’m pretty sure that you believe you are too.

Here’s the thing; our society is so media driven, that all we seem to absorb is news of people doing bad things all the time.

Even reality TV shows only gets noticed, if the subjects behave badly.

Nevertheless, if you do know someone that is undeniably good… meaning; kind, thoughtful, trustworthy, generous, selfless, inspirational, loyal, supportive, humane, empathetic, courteous, considerate, understanding, and loving.

If you know someone matching any, some, or all of the above, TREASURE THEM.

Despite what I’ve stated, people today increasingly keep themselves to themselves, we remain guarded against strangers – unsocial if you will. So encountering and experiencing good people isn’t all that common.

You really do have to make an effort to find that diamond in the rough!

Live n Love