We get what we deserve in life… don’t we??

Everything happens for a reason, so the saying goes. But sometimes things happen that just doesn’t makes sense, or in many cases, are justified.

Look to Nepal for a recent example, over 8000 people and counting have lost their lives through no fault of their own; were they destined to die in such horrible circumstances? Some would argue it is God’s work.. really?

Wrong place, wrong time? This comes closer to the mark in my opinion.

There are many wonderful souls out there asking the Q, ‘why me?’ ‘What have I done to possibly deserve this?’

And you know what… there are sometimes no reasonable, logical explanations to be found; it really is that simple.

I look at some aspects of my current and past experiences, scratch my rather large head and think.. how come?

Can you relate?

All one can do is continue to believe that ‘we get what we deserve in life‘, because unless you maintain a semblance of control, unless you have plans to execute and goals to look forward to, unless you believe that your choices merit your experiences, then you may as well sit-on-your-hands, watch the sun rise and set, the moon wax and wane, and eventually die from starvation. It’s called DESTINY.

The fact is, we do get what we deserve in life, it is our attitude to our experiences that will either hinder us or benefit us.

No matter how bad it gets, there is always something positive to be found; it may be a wake up call, a necessary milestone, an opportunity to totally preview your life from that moment on; an uncompromising TIME FOR CHANGE.

The Key is not letting the negativity throw you into reverse, and never internalize. Leave the emotions outside of yourself, and connect your mind. You are an intelligent being after all, so THINK, and not react, instead respond.

If it’s people hurting you, you can be dare I say, foolish, and continue to insist in remaining in their space, or open your precious luminescent aura to people who recognise your worth, beauty and humanity.

Natural events… well we have no control. You just need to hope and pray that if it is to happen, that you will survive it, or those you love and care about will survive it… see, there’s something positive to be considered even here.

Remember life really is a masterpiece, but is always full of contradictions and ironies.. it is meant to be a puzzle, it is the genesis of how we grow!

Live n Love

Love this #quote by #LeiWah