The Father of All Mentors

This day at 13:23 British Summer Time, in 2008, I lost my Mentor in Chief. This humble man was remarkable; he was committed, influential and disarmingly handsome, he wasn’t sophisticated and wasn’t well read.

He made the difficult things simple and simple things incredible. His public and private dedication to his family and his love for his beautiful wife, was unyielding.

He was my dad.

As I write, I am filled with emotion; you see I have never really had the space, time and conditions to fully grieve, but each and every day I speak with him, ask for his forgiveness, his security and of course his unrelenting love.

Dad, you know that right to the last moment I was there for you; the last voice, and the last touch.

If I could be half the man you were it would be a blessing. If I could acquire half the wisdom you shared, my world would make perfect sense, and if I could be the uncompromising rock for my children as you have been for me and my siblings, I would have achieved my life’s mission.

You are the man Dad, there’s no one that comes close to what you represent to me. Pops R.I.Paradise Sir.