The Importance of Knowing Yourself

I often preview and review my actions, decisions and choices; for me, it is important.

At this point in my life, I rely increasingly on my truth, that voice in my head that is untarnished by the outer world and the physical dimension which from past experience, when I have chosen to ignore, I have invariably come a cropper.

Right now I am on an incredible path of discovery. Events are happening in my life that I have channeled my energies for, and is dear reader, manifesting. I am however mindful that it is continually fluid, the end game is uncertain. But there’s a deep-seated knowing that it’s going to be okay… so I am at this very moment acting on pure and secure wisdom.

I cannot control what others do, I can only control what I do. I also cannot be sure that my actions won’t hurt, or disappoint or distress, and if I do, I can only apologise, because I do not have a rotten core. I do know that I must act from my truth, with consideration; I seek no malice, moreover I detest drama; the fact is I am overflowing with love, therefore I am serene within. It’s a lovely place to be.

Day by day I am learning more about who I am and what matters to me. The timing is just perfect!

I cannot put it into words, but there’s something intangible happening about me, a real and astonishing change that I now find myself in, have sought to experience; and CHANGE is something I have always embraced, so this is good, real good!