A Personal Mantra~

  • Each mistake I make, is necessary for my growth.
  • I am optimising my life.
  • I am the chief creator of all that I experience.
  • I show gratitude for everything that I live through each day.
  • CHOICE is a wonderful thing.
  • My experiences are of my making.
  • I am aware of the consequences of my actions and choices.
  • I take insightful risks to realize amazing transformational development.
  • I always and will continue to rebuff negativity from wherever it emerges.
  • Music is my eternal joy, and my external elixir.
  • I acknowledge that all things happen for an eventual GOOD reason.
  • I always rely on my unique to me ‘silent voice’ it is my wisest internal compass.
  • I know that what I choose to give, so shall I eventually receive.
  • I always live my TRUTH, no devious games, no falsehoods, no hypocrisies.
  • I am feeling wonderful, capable, optimistic, real, thankful, full of love, joyous and serene.