Rules of life #2


A poignant statement.

From experience, this is like taking a blank A4 sheet of paper, crumpling it up, and then trying to return it to its original state… it won’t work!

I have spoken about the importance of trust in previous blogs; why do I emphasise its importance so much? Because without it, no meaningful relationship or partnership can be formed.

There are many people who ‘tolerate’ those that lie, some will even forgive multiple times because of the real or perceived importance of that individual. It is however a mistake to do so for any extended period of time.

You cannot recapture trust once it is broken. No matter how you may feel emotionally about that person, it can never be the same as it was before your trust was thrown unashamedly back into your face.

Trust along with love are instinctive, expected and necessary from the day we are born. Those ‘choosing’ not to
uphold either, are not worth your precious time.