Ever wondered…?

I have a talent for creating tasty dishes, I am not sure how I do it, but I just have an instinct for throwing spices, herbs, ingredients together, and whatever I had in mind, is created to such a level of quality, that I surprise myself most times.

Yesterday evening, I had no idea what to make, but I knew I had some lamb cutlets that I had bought some days ago, and a small container of massaman paste in the fridge, and a tin of coconut milk in the kitchen cupboard,  and thought, you know what Tibbs,  a delicate but flavorsome lamb massaman curry would hit the spot.

So without using any measurements of any kind, I threw together into a pot, spring onions, red onions, half a bell pepper,  3 small cherry tomatoes, Thai 5 spice, the paste, and herbs, a dash of natural lime juice (an Indonesian influence), together with the lamb cutlets which I diced, added to some white flesh sweet potatoes which I also diced, and the coconut milk, brought to the boil and then simmered for around 15 – 20 mins on a low heat.

And hey presto, with just one teaspoon to taste the sweet-smelling concoction before serving up, I created a massaman curry fit for any Michelin starred eaterie. With some left over, today I boiled some basmati rice as a side dish, with some organic coconut virgin oil, turmeric spice, and a couple of tea spoons of raw sugar, and as is normal, it tasted even better!

So have you ever wondered as I am doing right now, that being in possession of such a gift, that if only I had applied myself (and it isn’t too late) to something I get real pleasure from (cooking) at an earlier point in my life, where would I be today?

This Q needs an answer me thinks!