Child = Future


When a child looks to an adult, they do so for protection, for food, for love and often without them being aware, for how they should conduct themselves.

If you are a responsible parent, or guardian, you will know that how you live will be aped by that youngster; though there will be the exception.

Children are impressionable. If you demonstrate love, they will come to know love and how to share and receive love. If you present hostility, not only is it disturbing to a child, but neuroscience research confirms lasting and irreparable emotional damage.

We see that if a child has a parent who speaks another language, a child will have little difficulty in understanding and speaking it. Just as if you choose to use profanity and do so as if it is acceptable, that child will see no issue with using similar means of communication.

When my children were toddlers, I never used goo goo and ga ga to communicate, I used well-formed vocabulary and grammar. It made a real difference to their formative development.

Non verbal communication is just as important as the verbal. Hugging, kissing, smiling and laughing are all essential to a child’s rich inner development.

If you’re in a parental partnership and raising a child, public demonstration of unity and love I suggest is critical. Anything other? Who’s to say what future effect may transpire – conscious and subliminal.

I love children… I was one… ONCE! They are our future, a future that offers more questions than answers. If we don’t equip our children with the right values, a sense of self, behavioural boundaries and heaps of love, we are letting them and their future down badly.