Easter… sacrifice, sins, re-birth



TheCrossI was a raised a solid Christian, went to church with my mother and sometimes my dad when he was not on the late shift the night before, was an acolyte, went to a Catholic school, taught by a nun – Sister Burke, and was repeatedly reminded that I was born on Good Friday.

So dear reader, the Holy Week was a significant ceremonial period in my annual calendar growing up.

As I became an adult, I recognised the inconsistencies and hypocrisy of many followers of not only the Christian faith but other faiths too.

I still identify with the moral teachings of the bible, but we being flawed beings, not all of us will even now as Christians go to church and mark the stages of Christ’s crucifixion.  No, many will be booking their first flight to the sun for that chilled pina colada. I am not being self righteous,  just an observation.

I embrace Jesus Christ; I do so because his brand is that of a good man, and being a good man is what I strive to be. I also recognise and identify with other good men and women who have lived and are alive today, whether they’re  steeped in religion or not.

Today, men and women will choose to sacrifice themselves in crowded markets, in buildings of worship, on board planes, on the field of religious ideological battles, and taking innocent men, women, boys and girls with them… madness right? What Jesus would make of this kind of sacrifice is anyone’s guess.

My religion is simply this…  knowing right from wrong, respecting other beliefs and opinions, treating people as I find them, not accepting injustice, looking for the positives in everything, embracing change, promoting self-reflection, treating myself with love, looking to the future, leaving a positive legacy, loving my daughters and 2 year old grandson, MUSIC, art, friendship, travel, culture, loyalty, integrity and truth.

Over the past couple of years, I have experienced and witnessed behaviours that I would not wish on my worse enemy. Whether it’s burning another human alive in a cage or more closer to home, someone choosing to dump my Christmas presents and cards into a bin!

We each of us will be faced with our own judgement on how we have lived, what have we done for others as opposed for ourselves; there is no escaping this inevitability.

The flip side to this, is that over the same period, I have met, exchanged communication and developed friendships with people who I have synched with seamlessly. Life is a truly beautiful contrast. The consistent need for essential balance underpins all things, all matter, all reality.

It with this knowledge that I am enriched with hope; the re-birth.

Happy Easter!