Our thoughts = Our reality

FreudMany of us will be dissatisfied with the life we’re living.  Now why is that? Is it due to some outside influence; like that irritating so and so making your hoped for regular life a misery? Hmm, the above is certainly arguable.

However have you at anytime thought that perhaps it may just be you? Yes you!

What are you talking about John, I hear you ask…

Right now I find myself sharing life space with people who I have given 20% of my life to; yes a long time indeed. These people for reasons most would find hard to comprehend, have singled me out for ill will. Why? Well it is a long running saga that I have raised time and time again with those involved to no avail. So yes, I have sought to discuss the adversarial challenge, but in this case a problem shared was not a problem halved, no, rather it became a problem doubled.

I will express here and now, that I am not into the ‘blame’ culture. Pointing fingers at whomever or whatever will relinquish my accountability and responsibility.  In short, giving up my ability to dictate my life. A little like someone with an addiction to alcohol, never accepting that the outsourced effects on their life and others is due to their habit and eventual illness.

So I have traced backwards through my history from where I am today, and have identified when and why I made a committed choice in good trust, that has later turned out not to be to my liking. The relevant point here, is that it was MY CHOICE.

Let me say, that from that single choice until the present day, I have had many opportunities to change the course of my recent history, and have CHOSEN not to; again for honest, responsible and transparent reasons.

So though I have not set out to deliberately destabilise my present, my past thinking and later actions has created just that.

Do you understand where I am coming from now?

Look, let’s be candid, one cannot predict the behaviours, attitudes or moreover guarantee the integrity and honesty of others, these factors remain out of our control. Those who seek to control others are fooling themselves that the end result will justify the means.

My recent experience has confirmed something I have long known, and embraced, that my every thought underpins my entire reality.

What have I learned? I have learned that I will continue to be generous, considerate, supportive, balanced, intuitive, speak and live my truth, and continue to trust and hope.

You might say, what’s with the trust thingy if your trust has been taken for granted John… well it’s like this, there may be some (correction: there are) untrustworthy people out there, but dear reader, I am not one of them.