Solar Eclipse, Super Moon, Spring Equinox…

Solar Eclipse

Celestial events like this don’t normally converge at the same time.  I took the opportunity to get among the crowds this morning and view the eclipse; as the next one won’t occur until 2026.

These events will have some effect on us too, in what way I am unsure. But there’s no escaping that we are continually being affected by the fluid energies in our universe.

As we’re for the most part made of water, this trinity event may show itself in some of us in ways that may be a surprise, unwelcome, or just a little odd or out of character.

As you will know from my earlier blog posts, I do focus a fair amount on people’s behaviours. I am often trying to work out why people behave they way they do.

When people behave well, I am inspired and heartened, and when they don’t, a switch is flicked to on, and I am driven to understand them; though not always successfully.

When I cannot make heads or tails of what I am observing or feeling, well it is better, and moreover wiser to simply accept that fallibility is within us all.

If you experience behaviour over the weekend that does not quite add up, put it down to the celestial trinity, it may not be enough to justify, but it will hopefully allow you to accept what is going on.

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