Every Moment of Every Day…

is precious.

I am fortunate and privileged to be living by the sea.

I have a home office, where when I am not out meeting clients (I have just returned from such an engagement) I am able to see the cycle of the  seasons revolve year after year, and watch the sun rise and reluctantly dip serenely into the horizon; staged majestically on the distant surface edge of the sea.

I do not take such views and such experiences lightly, or for granted.  I know that at any moment, it could be all over.

It is the constant change of our world and everything mother Earth supports that compels me to accept that each day,  and each moment of each day must not be wasted.

Must not be wasted on negativity, pursuing selfish aims, on routine, on hateful and acrimonious endeavors. 

Just as the sun rises to share her unlimited love with us all, we should do the same for ourselves and others. We are not and never will be divorced from anything around us.

We smile at someone, they will likely smile in return, we see someone in distress or listen to a heartfelt tale of sadness, we too become affected and can feel that tender lump in our throat and our eyes fill with a salty tear. We witness an angry altercation, and our hearts will race to beat in time with those involved instantly; and our breathing becomes ever more rapid. Someone has an infectious laugh, it won’t be long before you start chuckling too!

We and everything around us are interconnected – do not imagine for one second or believe that what you do has no degree of consequence to someone or something somewhere, it does.