Throw Caution To Life

When I look back on the myriad of paths I have trodden, I am able to smile with a deep sense of satisfaction.  The saying, Life Is What You Make It, rings truer than ever, and it really is more than just a mere cliché.

I love reflecting on how I am affected by and respond to different cultures, environments, adversity, words, behaviour (in the broad sense of the word), opinions, silence, mayhem, threat, kindness, appreciation etc.

In order to reflect, I have to make a conclusion or two, I will have to form an instant judgement of some kind to know what choice I should make next.

The more I experience, the more choices  I am forced to make,  thus the more I learn, and the more I grow from the inside as a human being.

Many of us live our lives in a comfort zone, routine, know what we like and don’t like and that’s all that matters thank you, never that keen to step outside of the subliminal safety of our oh so familiar cocoon.

If these people find themselves in a strange territory, around strangers, it can instil fear, panic, and in some extreme cases, loathing too. It is almost child like… you know when you take your young child to school for the first time, it is not uncommon for that child to be struck with irrational fear of the unknown, and becomes distressed.

It happens for many adults too; and this is a real shame.

You know, all our experiences are down to choice, everything we have learned so far, and everything we can and will learn in the future is down to choice! Choice.

Think about it, what if you decided to learn a new language over the next six months, you can do it now… there’s nothing to stop you; what difference do you think acquiring such a skill will make to the value of your life?

What about using this five letter word… SORRY! What will this do for creating harmony and understanding around you… you can say it, say it and mean it right now!

What about making that call, that approach, to that person you have always admired, always wanted to meet, have a silent sense that this person is THE one!  What are you waiting for? There are two outcomes, Oui or Non. Isn’t it in your life’s interest to find out?!

We can go on to consider a host of other examples, but the real point I am making is, it is really time to throw caution to life, your LIFE.

This attitude to life is one I have embraced at an early age, it has led me to live through some crazy experiences, some bad, MOST quite wonderful. With these experiences I have acquired much; being at ease with strangers, in places I have not been before; seen a fair part of the world, but this is perhaps compared to those who stay cocooned in their comfort zone; and I am able to get by across time zones using more than my native language of English.

You now know from my an earlier blog post, that my now deceased parents could barely read or write, but they always encouraged me to make the most use of my talents, and never to limit my ambition.

I still have much to see and do, and those values drilled into me by my parents continue to burn bright and warm within. It is a message that I hope may allow you alsoThrow Caution To Life to remove your outer garments and finally run free!