Big Picture Mentality…

It is clear to me, that so many of us spend our waking lives wanting to be happy, wanting to feel pleasure, wanting to feel good about the imminent future, would love a BIG HUG!

Many of us too want to have our say, want people to behave just so, need to feel in control.

It is also clear to me, that the latter qualities often undermine the former. I have highlighted the control factor, because it is arguably the biggest cause of human misery.

For example, when two people have differing views, it highly likely one or both will want their view or opinion to dominate. But what if one concedes to the other, is this such a bad thing? Sometimes strength is amplified in giving way! Particularly when the other party waits in anticipation of a reaction.

When one feels the need to control, whether it is to control a person, themselves or the events around them, it is likely that the big picture is cast aside in favour of the minute pixels on the screen.

Life to me is like a giant and continuously morphing giant jigsaw… everyday when we’re blessed to wake up to another day, there’s a piece of this jigsaw waiting to be discovered. The trick is, not losing focus on the big picture; why?

Jigsaw of LifeWell if you do not know what the big picture looks like, if you can’t feel, hear, smell and taste it, then you will never be able to find that essential piece to add to the glorious big picture written large in your name.

How do you know when that esential piece of puzzle is present? There are three indicators… 1) you hear the silent voice in your head warning you about something, or directing you to do something. 2) a series of unexplained and unexpected events, actions or behaviours happen around you, and finally 3) a vivid dream turns into reality.

The first is clear, heed the message. The latter two requires open deep thinking; but each are offering clues if not clear pointers of what you should do immediately.

We all have a sense of what micro management feels like… yeah, it is one of my pet hates too; micro management has the effect of squeezing the air out of creativity, free thinking and vision. It is frankly one of the most annoying experiences known to any employee or worker. A micro manager does not see the big picture and will ultimately fail in their attempt to get things done the right way, if at all.

Do not micro manage your life, in fact do not attempt or wish to micro manage anyone.

Our birth right is to explore, create, discover, share, give, take, laugh, make mistakes, fail, rise, fall, grow, cry, aspire, inspire, believe, hope, motivate…. we can of course continue to add to this list, What is so interesting about a birth right list, is that there is no single quality that speaks exclusively for the ‘big picture’; focus on one quality, and you will walk blindly down a narrowing and increasingly darkening cul-de-sac!

In my work, I see this lack of big picture mentality almost everyday, whether it is in someone’s personal life or in their careers. Make no mistake, it locks out opportunity and halts forward momentum.

Tomorrow is St Valentine’s Day… it is a time for love and lovers, a time to flirt, and a time for romance. It is a time for pleasure in one form or another. So if you’re lucky to have that significant other in your life, I suggest that you keep your senses peeled for that available, ‘I am over here’ piece of puzzle to add to your Cupid picture.