Change is Constant…

As we transition from 2014 to 2015, there’s probably much to reflect on.

Each new year should be one of progress. If you are really conscious about self-improvement, then acknowledging your faults alongside your good qualities would be a natural occurrence.

The arrival of a new year will herald a motivation for change; sadly many of us have habits we are stuck with, saddled with ignorance, a poor temperament and false pride, or have become so cosy within our comfort zone; that the new year will look very similar to the old one.

When you review your year just past, do you take full responsibility for all that transpired, or do you look for a scapegoat? That is, it’s always someone else’s fault; and you was just an innocent bystander/victim.

If you believe this to be true, well… Happy 2015!

As I return home from home from an unexpectedly thrilling day, I leave you and 2014 with an end of year statement posted today from the Dalai Lama, agape love, and my deepest wish that you have a truly outstanding self transformational new year.