Two Bowls

We will from time to time come across people who are innately negative. I don’t know about you, but I avoid these people like the plague!

Dealing with these people speeds up my aging process; it’s serious hard work.

No matter what you do, say or think, it just ain’t enough, not right, not true, just isn’t!

I like to create mental images to express myself sometimes. For example picture this…You’re sat in a fast moving car, but you’re not holding the steering wheel, are you really sure you will end up at your desired destination? This is to emphasize the need to have a goal, a route or plan, and the critical management tools.

I apply the same model across a whole range of life changing issues… one of which is negativity.

Picture this… I have just encountered an insanely negative person. So I present two bowls, one is filled to the brim with positivity, while the other is weighed down with negativity. I then offer this toxic person a choice of bowl, one of which they must take away and consume till their belly bursts.

Put like that even the mother and father of negativity will need to wake up and think twice!