I have been nominated…

I received some excellent yet humbling news today; someone or some people have felt that what I represent, and what I do in seeking to change lives for the better, is worthy of a nomination… this nomination is an MBE.

I am so grateful for those who see me as a positive role model locally and or nationally, but I do what I do without ever seeking recognition for doing so. I just wish to make a difference. Nothing more, nothing less.

So whomever you are, whatever motivated you, I thank you.

Now I have a challenge, because I am strongly against imperialism of any kind, and this award is emblematic of such in British history. Do I need those three letters to underpin what I do publicly, perhaps, but what I do is inherently me… it is my DNA, those letters means much, MBE? I am not so sure, but I do have this sabotage habit of shooting myself in the foot when it comes to accepting award or reward.

Believe it or not, there are some people out there, that would like to see me suffer, ruined, unhappy… you know who you are, this is a WET FISH SLAP in your faces!

Moreover I am humbled, honoured and a tad sad because my parents are not here to share this moment with me; my daughters will be delighted, my protegé son, has already congratulated me, and those of you who do know me well, will be pleased I am sure.

Above all, I must be doing something right, and that is really all that matters!

Feeling Incredibly Blessed.