A Q for the ladies and mothers…

It would be fair to argue that young boys who have a consistent positive male role model in their lives, will grow up to be positive and influential men as adults; not all the time, but we can agree with this in general right? Good.

So when a poor male role model who has pretty much failed all expectations throughout that young man’s life, is invited to his biological sons’ 16th birthday party, while the ever constant positive paternal role model is not even given the smallest glimmer of an opportunity to decline an invitation; as a mother or a woman, or for that matter a fine upstanding fellow man, is this even logical, moral, let alone right?

Fathers who are not there for their sons, rightly get sneered at and jeered; and will likely find themselves as an outcast, unless of course the need to have at least the biological tie stay in place is seen as emotionally valuable to the mother and in her mind for her repeatedly let down son also (might need some help with that bit too).

But returning again to that ever-present good man. Is the mother right not to even consider the paternal father at such an event knowing the important positive role he has played in her son’s thinking and values across his most formative years?

Help me please, where does that kind of thinking come from?

I am thinking that most women and more importantly mothers would definitely feel the need to suggest to her son to ask his paternal father to be present at his birthday, even if the circumstances may force his positive role model to decline the invitation. I am asking the women, because sometimes a woman’s rationale does not make any sense to many a man.

So if the-real-fathermy women, mother readers would like to comment here or on my Facebook page, do so, because I am 100% stumped on this one!

Sending my love, light and universal blessings as usual…