Ignoring lessons learned

There are many of us who for one reason or another feel that a part of our lives is changing in ways that creates deep unease.

This discomfort instead of compelling the holder to acknowledge the change as a ‘life sign’, and move on, it instead in many cases, forces the holder to resist the change, hold on to what is crying out to be let go, and refuse to accept the ‘tailored for you lesson’ being delivered.

It really is futile to ignore these lessons, and should you do so, you will find key experiences being repeated again and again.

Relationships offers rich examples for this; Break up to Make upMake up to Break up… and so it goes on and on.

It is a series of cyclical joys and pains that use up the valuable time that was uniquely set aside for you to grow, discover and create, using the gifts you have been blessed with. Living the highs is of course wonderful, but during those emotional lows you may ask, why? why? why?

Why is clear – ignoring lessons learned, and HOW to end this spiral of ups and downs is clearer still; heed the signs, embrace change and act according to the undeniable message that will insist on following you around until you do so.

Here is a piece of advice that may also help… Nothing Lasts Forever. Once you accept this fact, life will be a whole lot easier. So read the statement below and feel better already!

Sending Life Blessings.

Let Go and Be Content