The Power of Celebrity

Not so long ago, I shared my thoughts on how quickly interest is raised when a celebrity speaks; people are simply more inclined to take notice.

They’re just regular men and women, boys or girls doing what they love (how fortunate or wise they are) after all.

I guess their talent or daily (often fictional idealistic) appearance, and sometimes outrageous behaviour are what garners the fan base.

A good example of this, is the Band Aid Ebola fund-raising song. A group of relative and closer to the crisis unknowns, singing the same song, will not generate the same level of public mobilisation as a World famous Bono for example.

Earlier today on another online site, I posted the image below. It’s a comment taken from the actor #Denzil Washington’s official twitter account. No sooner it was uploaded, the hoards of female fans came out to show their approval or endorsement of what he tweeted.

So sometimes when I need to get a message across following an experience told to me, I may use an appropriate celeb with a relevant comment or image to help make my point.