Adversity, Strength & Wisdom

I took a call from someone yesterday. This person was at a low point and needed lifting.

Some people go through life with little in the way of disappointment, rarely hearing the word ‘NO’, always someone on hand to bail them out; cosseted and cushioned.

While others are often let down, allowed to make mistakes and face the consequences; the seemingly ever-present one step forward, two steps backwards experience.

You’d think that not having to navigate endless bumps in endless roads is a good thing right? Screwing up without ever facing repercussions is a real blessing yeah? Well you would be misguided.

How does one acquire wisdom? What stories of valour and overcoming challenges can be passed on to those that most need it, if one hasn’t lived to be able to convey such important lessons?

When the person whom I listened to reaches old age, they will be able to smile gracefully, because they’ve banked invaluable lessons from this thing we call life.