Making a Difference


No matter what you may think or believe, your actions whether seismic or microscopic; just like dropping a grain of rice into a pond, will ripple outwards to its default destination.

It is therefore important to be aware of the actions that you choose to take, as there is always a consequence.

Have you noticed like me, that sharing or promoting bad news, images or rumor, arouses more interest, and gathers more attention than when championing good news, success or positive values?

Are you one of the former or the latter…? Be honest!

There is a fair agreement among those I have canvassed, that unless you are a ‘name’ or celebrity, there is a discernible resistance to acknowledging or being seen to publicly support positive news, even though spreading positive and self-transformational information is increasingly popular and sought after!

But just like that grain of rice, a single consonant or pixel of positivity will have that ripple effect on those open to receiving, and will make an impression, whether it is immediately clear or not.

So please, if you’re anything me and wish to make a difference to the lives of others in a positive way, continue to do so, because it works!