A confident soloist

Some people really find it difficult being alone. I’m not one of them. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a really social guy. I love great company, stimulating conversation and attending social events.

Growing up I moved around a lot, attending several different schools over a relative short period. Then as I became a young man I became an entertainer traveling the world experiencing different cultures and social practices. So meeting and greeting is within my comfort zone.

Yet I do take something quite valuable from solitude. It distills internal serenity and external recovery.  It allows me to appreciate and reflect on all the influences; good and bad that have shaped me into the man I am today.

A ‘friend’ in the rich sense of the word is always appreciated and perhaps necessary. But you want to know something? That depth of friendship is rare for many.

Seriously think about it, how many friends could you classify under that banner? If you can count beyond 5, you are truly blessed. If I were to take a straw poll, I would suggest the average would prove to be around 2.

With the advent of social networking, I have engaged with people whom I’ve yet to meet but have represented that rich friendship classification to an exceptional level than those who I know in person.

The former never miss my birthday, or any annual event, always show compassion, consistently provide encouragement, frequently surprise me with their unsolicited affection, ask for my whereabouts when I’m offline for more than a couple of days and readily offer support for my personal causes and endeavours.

Can you relate?

So I now have this really pleasant life balance that I didn’t expect, where I’m content in my space, but have people who really care even though the majority I have never physically met.Screenshot_2014-11-11-23-38-25-1.

Now that’s special.

Sunday Blessings ♥