Is Time God?

My Uncle is now among the angels. The reality is, I am now at an age where more of Earth’s angels are scheduled to take flight to their firmament in their universe.

Yesterday after the passing of my uncle the night before, I spent time with a friend in the heart of the City of London over lunch… this person no matter how rarely we see each other, will always find TIME to contact me, to make sure we have 2 – 3 hours in the year so we can meet, talk over stuff, plan, eat great food, drink fine wine, and laugh! I told them of the bizarre events happening in my personal life, to which their response was that of deep disappointment, the belief that I shouldn’t worry about a thing, the ‘what goes around always comes around mantra’, and that they regard me to be such a good person, that only good stuff awaits. They’re support and empathy was warming, particularly having just lost someone the night before.

I sat through our time together listening to news of something that will dramatically change my life… when this happens, and it will, I will share it here.

When I took the train to return home following my enjoyable time with my friend, left my local station, stepped down into the street, I walked into and was touched (blessed) with that ‘invisible spider web’… it is cold and of course there are no spider webs this time of the year, but perhaps some of you will have experienced as I have done before, that when someone close to you passes through, they seemingly make an effort to let you know that they’re okay, and this sometimes happens when something you cannot see, but you can feel, caresses your face, and you instinctively use your hand to wave away the sensation; much like you would, having walked unknowingly into a hanging spider web in the summer months.

This experience tells me that TIME is not the 12 numbers on the clock face, it isn’t when the sun rises and sets everyday, it isn’t when we mark time when the weekend comes, or annual events like birthdays and religious celebrations, or if we are blessed to have children and watching them grow up!

TIME allows us to make changes, to choose, to act… the fact is, YOUR TIME is not MY TIME, yes we can choose to share what TIME uniquely offers us, and over a long period if this continues, TIME will give up its individual uniqueness rule so that experiences can be shared, but when TIME chooses another journey for us (and it will), that individual uniqueness is triggered and we are again thrown into our own TIME lane.

Have you ever been close to moving from this plane, in perhaps a near death situation like an accident, or being involved in a physical altercation, notice how our unique TIME no longer conforms to the clock face? TIME appears to slow down so that we can apply our senses to act appropriately, if at all.

It is not an accident that through our TIME we are allowed to recall so much we have experienced, TIME knows best, there’s a purpose.

In this plane, TIME grants us choice. We can use this experience to change our lives and the lives of others, for the good or the bad. I repeat, we can use this experience to change our lives and the lives of others, for the good or the bad. TIME is monitoring every choice we make, and the resulting consequence.

Hmm, now it becomes clear just how important it is that we DO THE RIGHT THING. That is not to never make a mistake, on the contrary; but when we do, acknowledge, record, learn, and if we can, change, reconcile and go again!

Many of us will want to, and will identify with a deity that we can comprehend; something or someone who we can worship, and look to for support, guidance, and internal balance.

I must confess that I tend to look to my inner-self. I believe that I am a gift of TIME, indeed my Uncle R.I.P and others before him choosing to let me know that their own unique TIME continues to be granted to them, underpins my thinking and how I choose to live.

Having this mindset makes me smile, offers hope, banishes worry and is deeply comforting, if there is a GOD, then I believe it resembles TIME, and not a man-like figure, that has unsurprisingly created so much needless pain and sorrow for so many believers in this plane.

TIME is your greatest GIFT, please if there’s anything you take from my thoughts today, is to use TIME wisely and for the GOOD.

Written on behalf of and thanking my late Uncle William for touching me.TimeSky