~Words for an Uncle

Yesterday I learned that my uncle is gravely ill. He is unlikely to last the week. My uncle in physical appearance resembles his older brother; he being my late father so much, that my loss returns to me in all its sadness.

You know I never really got the chance to really grieve for my father, so with the prospect of losing my uncle imminent, now is a good time to say a few words that I hope my father can accept, smile and thank me for.

Uncle, when I am in your presence, you emit a warm presence, humility, an incredible smile, twinkling eyes, a deep-lying authority and power that will only become clear if pushed; and I mean pushed such is your level of tolerance and sense of empathy.

Your reputed sense of humour is never far away and your deep laugh its shadow. You are a traditional man, a handsome man, a man with a sense of duty, loyalty and masculinity. You are the roof to my aunt’s pillar, the protector of a close-knit family, the real deal.

It is inevitable now that you will soon be in the presence of your brother George again, you know how much he wanted to say his good byes, and now his good byes will soon become a welcome.

Through teary eyes I want to say thank you for being someone who I’ve always admired in my formative years; the way you carry yourself, your dignity, intellect, your hopes and optimism.

I know we your family and loved ones will be truly saddened to see you leave our earth plane to find your peace, but peace is now due, and I for one believe you not only deserve it, you are its child.

From your nephew, with love, memories and unashamed sadness xXx