Take to Your Yellow Brick Road

I truly believe that people come into our lives for a reason.

Some come to teach us important life lessons, some come to us so that we can teach them lessons and in turn discover more about ourselves.

Some encounters will only last moments, others will last a lifetime, some liaisons will feel very familiar; as if you’ve always known each other. Others come to challenge you to the point of exasperation, while others will bring support, a meeting of minds and companionship; ‘that soul mate’ experience.

Sometimes we are introduced, sometimes we meet by accident, and sometimes encounters arise with a semblance of mystery; you know when you’re in the presence of someone and their energy is magnetic. Or your eyes are drawn to the eyes of someone who again conjures up this mysterious almost hypnotic, sometimes sexual energy.

In our fast-moving, never have time western culture, we tend to go about our lives not wishing to engage with anyone. Such is the cascade of negative news, suspicion and self-consciousness, that we prefer to keep ourselves to ourselves like a defense mechanism.

It actually takes some courage to go up and say hello, or good morning, or even to smile to a fellow human being these days. We are social beings, and yet we feel far more comfortable ensuring our eyes do not meet, and we keep our personal space ring fenced unless an invitation is sent.

This state of affairs is made even more challenging with all the political and negative news hoo ha that we mentally download every single day! A lack of trust, prejudgment and silent fear is abundant.

But what of the yellow brick road and the scarecrow, tin man, and lion… what characters! Each with their unique strengths and weakness, each seeking lessons to improve their lives.

Yet when they acknowledge and accept who they are and come together to combine these mix of attributes, they become a formidable force that can take on all comers and overcome almost every obstacle. It really illustrates that uniting and drawing on collective strengths and diluting known weaknesses, will trump ‘pointless’ division at every turn.

Personally, I like to challenge myself. I like to travel somewhere alone, and immerse myself in another culture or be among people who will likely look upon me as a ‘stranger’, and attract my very own scarecrow, tin man, and lion. The fact is, whenever I do, I am left invigorated, empowered, and moreover have cultivated a deep and richYellowBrickRoad sense of self-growth.

So my message here is to open up, embrace change, be bold and challenge yourself. I guarantee it will be well worth it.