Wrong is wrong when everyone is doing it, and right is right when no one is doing it…

I will keep this brief.

Many of us will be aware of or know someone who for one reason or another, will consciously choose to be unkind, choose to look the other way when wrong is being done, choose to excuse or appease poor behaviour, choose to protect or side with the wrong-doer!

I don’t know about you, but for me this is akin to mob mentality, promotes bullying, a silent admission of inadequacy; moreover for any intelligent right thinking person, make no mistake, it is simply wrong.

In my opinion, when one observes poor behaviour; particularly when it is targeted at another person and either ignores it, excuses it or attempts to justify it… that person shares the same inhumane values, and is as culpable as the perpetrator.

But what of the victim, how do you think they should respond? Should they allow such actions to hold sway? Should they fight fire with even more fire? Should they remain dignified and choose not to lower their wholesome good values to the unhindered negative actions to those who are hell-bent or blind to their creation of discord, drama and conflict?

I would suggest the following; do not engage with these people any more than is necessary, keep up your decorum and self-respect, up-hold the values you know to be universally right, and most of all, do everything in your power to nurture your own happiness; why? Well…

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