Life after Life?

Spirituality is important to me, now this does not necessarily mean I do not respect many of the teachings and testimonies of the world’s established religions; indeed I was raised a Roman Catholic, was a Sunday school boy and church acolyte, it is more that I live my life through the interpretation and backdrop of the human and natural energies that I/we experience every day of our lives.

As a result, I like to think that I navigate my way through life much like a dolphin uses sonar across the oceans. In short I am more in tune with covert emotions, and what isn’t said than what is. It comes in handy in my role as a coach. But what I really wanted to focus on in this article, are my thoughts on what happens when what we call life finally ends, well, ends as we can comprehend it.

Some of you will believe that once we die, that’s it. the _______________ has no spike! Others will believe that it is only the physical you that ceases to function; I call this the ‘Human’ you, and that the spiritual you; I call the ‘Being’, continues to have a conscience at a level that only exists in a different reality. I lean to the latter. Why do I?

I would like to try and recall a very sad experience for me; the loss of my dad. My father had to visit hospital for what seemed a routine complaint. It transpired that his complaint was more serious than first thought, and over a period of just 4 days, my father literally went from his usual charming, humorous, ‘I don’t worry about a thing’ self, to the reality that he was in fact dying before his family’ eyes. Throughout his rapid deterioration, he still remained incredibly engaged up until the point when he could not use all of his five senses. One sense remained to the last however; his hearing.

Difficult to recall, but I will do so anyway. In the final hours of his life, I spoke to my father close up to his left ear. He wanted me to contact his brother (my uncle) to let him know that he loved him, how did I know this, I heard his voice in my head. So I contacted my cousin, and told him that my dad sent his love to my uncle (who himself was unwell following a series of strokes), and that he must get this important message in some way to my uncle. Throughout, there was a radio placed on the hospital window ledge playing music. There were two songs that I remember clearly… during this very emotional communication to pass my dad’s words of love to my uncle, the song that was playing in the background was Suddenly by Billy Ocean.

Once I informed my dad right up close to his left ear that I had arranged with my cousin to send his love to his brother, a single tear rolled from his left eye. It was then that I heard in my head his thank you, and I felt that I had no further duties to execute, so I again went up close to my father’s left ear and said “Pops, go now, don’t be afraid” and at that very moment, he stopped breathing and silence fell. In an instant, the song that started to play was Dance With My Father, by Luther Vandross.

If you don’t know either of these songs, I suggest that you go to YouTube and listen to them both paying close attention to the words.

At that very moment, I knew that my father’s energy was communicating through these two songs via the radio cryptic messages to me that was emotionally reassuring. Is this proof of life after life? No, but does it refute the same, No. What it does illustrate (for me at least) that there is more to life than we have come to accept it as.

It is possible that some of you reading this will have heard of or have lived through similar accounts of experiences that seem to support the belief of life after life, I would really love for you to share these with me.Life after Life