Why Accepting The #Truth for some HURTS!

One of the most powerful ways to create change, whether on a personal level, or with something external like an organisation, is to accept the Truth.

People who are resistant to change, very often fail or are unwilling to accept the truth. They will continue to believe what they want to believe, see what they want to see, and nothing or anything will change their point of view.

Truth, particularly when it is deemed by observers to be having a negative impact on themselves, something or someone; for the unchangeable, this truth for some is best left alone, swept under the carpet, indeed it is better to look the other way and so on…

Someone who leans towards criminality is arguably a fair example of this, as are those who suffer with an addiction that either harms themselves or others.

The former due to the fear of being implicated or being accused as the perpetrator; with the clear risk of a harsh penalty for their wrongful actions may choose to deny all. The latter example, whether through alcohol or class A drug abuse are so closely married to their habit, that the fear of change and the resulting and intense physical and mental pain, far outweighs the clear risk to their health and therefore feels compelled to continue, and that’s despite the truth of the consequences of their actions staring them in the face.

Accepting #Truth

Truth it has to be said is very often accompanied by a raw sense of guilt (if not circulating around like a bad smell) and it is that horrible feeling of knowing that one is wrong every which way that makes the unchangeable, privately become insecure, and choose to turn a blind eye, deaf ear and sealed lips to the redemption of truth to present to the public a façade of righteousness.

It really should; if one has a rich sense of right and wrong, propel the need to do what is right and own up! Easier said than done of course.

No one enjoys being proved wrong, no one likes to lose face… but those who are at the very least ready to accept their mistakes and acknowledge what is patently obvious, are those that can begin to create change (often for the better) and not live a haunting lie.