I Am Not Who You Think I Am!

It can take several lifetimes or more, to fully get to know someone…  

It does not matter whether you’re a Siamese twin, husband and wife on the verge of a Diamond Wedding Anniversary, tutor and pupil, parent and child – we are who we are at that time, in that moment.

You are not you one more second into the future, nor you, yesterday; you are who you are NOW!

Now holding this thought could make some of us feel a little uncomfortable, particularly if the person you are certain you know only too well, may be, just may be someone completely unknown to you.

If you could shadow that person for just one day without they knowing you were doing so, do you think you may be surprised by what you could witness? Shocked even?

Is it conceivable that we have a private face and a public one? Or several faces? Now I am not likening this to an actor or celebrity who under the spotlights plays out their alter ego, but behind closed doors is a very different person completely, no I am attempting to highlight those activities and behaviours that you know only too well; you would not, and could not reveal to someone else, anyone else, even those closest to you.


As social beings, we instinctively morph our personality to communicate effectively with others at a physical and energy/spiritual level.

This could even mean from time to time, throwing on the veil of a façade, smiling from the lips but not from the eyes, altering or masking our accents, lowering or raising our tone of voice, changing our preferred mode of dress to make that important impression, to be included, liked and admired.

It is one of a few reasons, that so many of us attempt to layer who we are on to that other person – we try to change them, make them fit into our view of the ideal so that our understanding of them is more readily accepted, understood, and any potential shocks diluted to a ‘I can deal with this’ level, allowing you to continue life with a certain amount of peace of mind; factored-in expectations, and cordial bliss.

How often when someone dear passes away, that something or other about their life comes to light that even you, yes you were not aware of?

So here’s my point…

We can only work with what we know, when we know and how this information is made clear to us – we are all constantly CHANGING, knowingly and naturally – the person you were last year, will not be you next year.

Circumstances change, opportunities arrive and slip away, people enter and will leave your life path, events occur that can throw you out of kilter, alter your mindset, even set your growth temporarily into reverse.

It is only the ACCEPTANCE of change, that will enable self-growth without your ‘chosen’ external conditions attached.

So you, and I would, and should be more willing to come out of our human closet, and make the truest and most honest declaration that could be made, by announcing now – I AM NOT WHO YOU THINK I AM!