At irregular intervals in our daily lives, we all encounter difficulty. Like many of the other contesting emotional experiences, the self-empowerment gained through embracing and learning from these moments of challenge can be exhilarating.

We should not choose to cheat our INNERMOST POWERS by circumventing problems; rather we should apply our mental, physical and spiritual energy to the difficulty in-hand.

From electricity to jet propulsion, many fine men and women from all walks of life have given us what we accept in our lives today as ‘normal’. Yesteryear, these technological breakthroughs were astonishing miracles of invention. None of what we take for granted today would have been achieved if these tenacious men and women had ‘chosen’ to succumb to difficulty.

So what makes them so different from you? I am convinced that it is little or nothing.

There are some things though that do stick out; it is being empowered to make a difference, to make a mark in society, to live one’s true potential. Here perhaps a difference in goals and aims can be found.

Every time you welcome, embrace and make an effort to fully understand your personal difficulty, you will become empowered, and I mean every time!

Don’t expect instant pot noodle like results, no; your power will permeate your soul gradually but definitely. Each problem solved, will be the stepping stone to engaging with your ‘higher’ self.


Take time out to help others with their difficulties. It’s the first and very important stage of releasing the endless energy within you to be that inventive, imaginative, lateral thinking you. Welcome difficulties in your life, I MEAN IT! Don’t look at these incidences as negatives  – they arise to help bring you to your higher-self, your truth, to begin realising your exceptional potential.

How did you begin to walk in the first place? That’s right, by falling over, again and again! 

I will not be defeated, oh s***!!!