There’s always a way!

As my girls will tell you, I don’t do profanity very well – sure I understand under intense pressure, an expletive here and there can balance the internal combustion but…

Now there is one word that under no circumstances am I prepared to accept, and that word is ‘CAN’T’.

This word is often preceded with the most powerful expression in any language ‘I’ – use this expression and you engage instantly with your higher-self.

So here’s my suggestion, take the word CAN pause then add the ‘T’ followed immediately with an ‘RY’ then precede all of those letters with the all powerful ‘I’…


2 thoughts on “There’s always a way!”

  1. That’s very powerful and brilliant to introduce when the mind decides to drop a few pegs below! thnxs for sharing.. I will now do my bit to educate the world!!


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