The Most Precious Thing!

Today I gave some thought to what do we regard as most important.

Of course there will be some common things like family, my husband/wife, my children, job, my pet dog or cat, my car, house, business.

For some it could be money, their investments, gold, stocks, shares, estate and all manner of technological gizmo’s…

For others it’s quite simply life, to love and be loved, health, God, Allah or some other deity. I would be interested in learning what is yours!

Today it is Thursday or it may be Friday depending on where you are reading this from; nothing particularly extraordinary about that you may think, and looking at it from a distance, I would agree with you.

Only for me, this Thursday has arrived so rapidly, that last Thursday seems like three days ago!

In fact it struck me so strongly, that two words entered my thought chamber, they are TIC and TOC!

TIME – time is something I nor you can control, it is however something we all share.

More importantly at this very moment, my TIME is totally exclusive to me!

It has no limitations, or boundaries. There are no restrictions on how much I can use, or what I use it for.

It’s undoubted preciousness shone at me brightly when I gave thought to how much of this precious thing we describe as TIME is allowed to be wasted.

Think about it for a moment… is there anything more damning or foolish than wasting the most precious thing that is available to each and every one of us?

If there’s one thing sure to create a sense of that most unwanted thought of regret, it is the poor use of TIME.

Will today’s Thursday pass by in a blur and before we know it, it is once again Thursday of next week?

Once today is gone, IT IS GONE FOREVER! We cannot hold back time, rewind to a preferred point in time, it is GONE, gone for good!

This simple fact should motivate all of us to embrace this most precious thing, and do whatever it takes to manifest all the other special items I listed that enriches our lives; not to the point of short-lived happiness, but to lifelong contentment – all those things that the power and gift of TIME  graciously allows us to.