Summer clean your life!

Many of us will make changes to our home, music collection or appearance, yet so very few us take the time to make any real alterations to our actual lives!

If we’’re really honest with ourselves; we take little opportunity to sit back, self-reflect and weigh up exactly what is going on around us. We rarely pause – in order to LIVE!

What is going on around us invisibly effects how we feel about ourselves and others; yet most of us do little or nothing about it. To be fair, our 100 mph society is not helpful in this regard, and neither is the daily routine; that most of us accept more often than not with little relish!

We seek that annual break in the sun, by the beach, away from the 9-5, switching off our mobiles and online access (with difficulty for some of us) for good reason – in short, static-life-overload is NOT good for us.

How many of us keep material, documents, files of useless bumph, connections and ‘friends’ that offer no real value whatsoever?

I too am just as guilty; but I told myself – John, all this useless stuff around you is a source of BLOCKAGE; it’s hindering and diluting your real spirit, your instinct to laugh and be jolly, to explore and be adventurous – your natural born desire for the NEW!

Think about it… How many of us go to sleep after a long day, in our ‘chosen’ place of work, giving thought to how many hours remains until we wake up for more of the same? I tell you this is not being ALIVE, we are merely living until we can’t live anymore.

The fact is, in the same way we need to daily drink up to two litres of water to remove the barrage of toxins within our bodies (most of us don’t), we should be taking the metaphoric broom in our hands and begin sweeping out all the toxins from our lives too!

So here’s my message… it may be a cliché, but ‘live each day as if it was your last’ (if you can!).

Turn down the volume of useless static, sever the hangers-on, invest in yourself, realise your true worth – and summer clean YOUR life!