New book excerpt – ATTITUDE

Chapter One: ATTITUDE


How are you feeling right now? Are you feeling motivated, tired, emotional, bored, amused or perhaps sensual? Are you reading this alone or with company? If in company, look around and focus your attention at the people or person and try to gauge if you can, what he, she or they may be feeling. How often do you make a practice of tuning into the mood, mind-set or energy of a friend, family member or stranger? Do you know through practice of this simple exercise that you can become skilled at being one step ahead in choosing the right action or word to change a relationship outcome?

Attitude is not confined within, on the contrary it is sent through the air like throwing confetti at the bride and groom at a wedding, whilst also landing on anyone and anything within its floating path!

I once held a training session on what was required to become a successful sales professional. I asked my audience to put on the white board all the qualities they felt made up the ingredients of a top ranked sales person. I drew a line down the middle of the board and on one half of the board I put the header Attitude, and on the other half Characteristics. One by one each rose, approached the board and wrote their one word answer. I must tell you that there was an overwhelming column filled with a list of qualities, whilst the other was conspicuous by the lack of ink!

Your turn:

Apply the same model I presented in the training session example and see the results for yourself. Perhaps if you are in a family, classroom or open plan team office environment it may be more interesting or fun, but you can also do so alone; use a board, sheet of paper and observe the outcome. Try and think of as many words as possible and though I used the sales person as a topic, you could simply use what are the qualities for success if you wish. You must decide against each word, whether it represents and attitude or a characteristic. It will open up a channel of thought for you hopefully and in a group, discussion. Use the results, apply them in your life everyday and experience the success you will obtain.

Attitude is crucial. Let’s consider what ultimately this book is attempting to do for you. Through my writing I am using my chosen medium to be the instrument for change. Change is in my opinion everything – the world and everything in it, even the inanimate objects like stone and metal, change over time. Prior to and from the day we arrive in this plane called earth, we’ve been experiencing change. Much of our change happens with us being blissfully unaware. Let me explain what I mean in more detail.

Each micro second of each minute our body and mind are going through rapid and consistent change. It is needed to enable a child to learn to lie in control on its tummy, then to raise its head, then to shuffle around, then to attempt to crawl, then from crawling the incredibly bold step to stand up by grasping hands, sofa seat cushion, chair; anything that will improve and steady its balance. The miracle of change goes further still; powered through a natural acceptance of change and discovery. The child will attempt standing up precariously unaided… then oh my! The incredible delight – the first foot step forward, then backward, then oops and a sudden but joyful tumble to the floor!

But recognising what an amazing accomplishment change can do for a young child is one thing, imagine what recognising and accepting change can do for you!!

The source for change does need some encouragement however, not all of us can hit the ground running. Change for many invokes a sense of fear and trepidation. We all get used to living a certain way, being in a certain place perhaps with a certain person. Let’s face it for many of us, leaving as-is may be truly comforting, and provides a steadying effect. Stability for many is crucial for their way of life (it is for this writer).

If you choose to ignore your birthright that consists of many qualities that through time are diluted and even ignored, you are choosing to regress not progress. Not embracing change is putting it mildly ‘standing still’. No one in entering this earthly plane deserves not to live a life of self discovery and experience, no matter how insignificant it may seem to observers. As babies we embraced the wonderment of life and its many challenges, and somewhere along the line for some of us; it has slowed down and for some, vanished altogether.

To be in a position to sow the seeds of change, you may need first to alter your mind-set; yes one’s ATTITUDE.

Everything we experience and the life we lead stems from a single thought. So with this in mind, it is clear then that the thought needs to be right to help you and others, to deliver a life of fulfilment, love, spiritual enrichment and social acceptance.

Your turn:

Write down 5 key goals that you would like to achieve and while writing them down; for each goal or objective say what it is out loud! Don’t think you are being silly, you are not. Ensure that each goal is attainable, and that a realistic timeline is added to make sure your plan is measurable, plus – this is an author tip; make sure that each goal creates an internal positive mood and passion within you, you must feel strongly about what you hope to achieve and so this emotion will be amplified as you say your goal out loud. Now under each end goal, write what you honestly believe is required to meet that goal. Once again say what that process is out loud and do so several times. Keep your list close at hand, and each day for at least one week read both the goals and the process for achievement out loud at least five times for each goal and process. On the seventh day if you have applied yourself thoroughly (and I must believe you will have), you will be experiencing a discernible change in your mind-set, energy and motivation for goal attainment. As you feel the change within you, throw your energy into realising your aspiration each day – each goal will transpire!